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One of Vizag’s most well-known temples is Sri Polamamba Temple. This temple can be found in Vizag City’s Pedda Waltair area. This temple has about 600 years of history. Every year, 3–4 million people visit this temple for the annual festival.

History of Sri Polamamba Temple

According to legend, fishermen in the Jalaripeta area once caught the Goddess’s idol in a fishing net. They took the idol to the beach and began praying to it. After a few years, the Goddess appeared in one of the devotees’ dreams and requested that her idol be given to a Maddi family from the Pedda Waltair area.

The Goddess’s idol was placed beneath a “Karaka” tree. Hence the goddess is called as “Karaka Chettu Polamamba”.In Garbhalaya, there are three idols installed in the temple.The first is Kunchamamba, who is a manifestation of Lakshmi Devi, the second is Polamamba, who is a manifestation of Durga Devi, and the third is Neelamamba Devi, who is a manifestation of Saraswathi Devi.

Other deities in the temple include the idols of Dondu Maramma Ammavaru, Bangaramma, and Sathemma Thalli, which are all located within the temple grounds.

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Festivals performed at Sri Polamamba Temple

  • Sravana Masam
  • Ugadi
  • Dasara
  • Vaishaka Pournami

List of Rituals,Darshanams and Special Sevas

  • Archana
  • Ashtothram
  • Kumkumarchana
  • Sahasranamarchana

Nearby Temples Around Sri Polamamba Temple

Nearby Bus Stations, Railway Stations

  • MVP Colony Bus complex is the nearest bus station which is 2 km away from the temple
  • Maddilapalem complex is 3 km away
  • Madhurawada bus complex is 15 km away from the temple
  • Vizag Railway is the nearest station for the devotees who want to visit the temple.

Timings of Sri Polamamba Temple

The temple is open for the devotees from 06:00 AM to 09:00 PM.

Contact Numbers

  • Sri Rajaji garu : 9964404679
  • Sri Seetanna Reddy garu : 9491196116
  • Sri Karri Ramarao garu : 9502103209

Location Map For Polamamba Temple

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