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Singapore Based Neuome Peptide is Manufacturing Covid Kits at AMTZ in Vizag

Covid .. A virus that is terrorizing the world. It takes a long time to confirm. RTPCR is mandatory as the results come rapidly through rapid test and lack of accuracy in those results. However, the RTPCR result cannot be said after 24 hours. Newom DX has stepped in to address this issue.

Will manufacture devices that deliver accurate results within minutes. Visakha is going to be the venue for this. To this end, the foundation stone was laid on Wednesday for the establishment of the Newom DX Company in the Metech Zone. In this context, company representatives unveiled the company’s products at a hotel in the city on Thursday.

Speaking on the occasion, Ravindran, President of the company, said that Covid will manufacture diagnostic devices using the latest peptide technology. It is explained that about Rs 8 million is being invested here. The company will employ 500 people. The products ought to be available in December.

Dr. Rajinikanth, the company’s Co-Founder and CEO, stated, “We are constructing three Covid diagnostic devices employing this peptide technology.” These are the least expensive. Covida will be confirmed as quickly as possible, he said. According to Covid, diagnostic testing is done using a swab.

They stated that they had discovered devices that could diagnose the disease in three forms: saliva, air, and breath. The devices will be exported worldwide from December. They also stated that they will make availability of stinnu that will detect any type of disease.

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