Panchadarla Sri Uma Dharmalingeswara Swamy Temple

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Panchadarla (also known as Dharapalem) is a popular tourist attraction in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. The distance between Anakapalle and this location is 26 kilometres. The five jets of water that flow from five sources from a perennial natural spring give Panchadarla its name.

A lingam with other lingams carved in 12 rows of 85 each is known as a ‘Kotilingam’ (crore Lingas). On the mandapam pillars in the temple, there are inscriptions dating from the 15th century (Eastern Chalukyas).

A genealogy of chiefs with Eastern Chalukya ancestry and the Eastern Chalukya titles of Sarvalokasraya and Vishnu Vardana can be found on several inscriptions on the Mandapam pillars in the temple. Two of them, dated AD 1407 and 1428, contain a genealogy of chiefs who claimed Eastern Chalukya ancestry and bore the Eastern Chalukya titles of Sarvalokasraya and Vishnu Vardana.

Dharapalem Vizag – Panchadarla Sri Uma Dharmalingeswara Swamy

We can see a beautiful Shiva temple in this village. It was constructed by the eastern chalukyas between the 11th and 13th centuries. The water will come from five different locations, and no one will know where it will come from. This water eventually made its way to a tank near the temple. In the village, the Uma Dharma Lingeswara Swamy Temple and Radha Madhava Swamy Temple are well-known. This location served as a tax collection point during the Vijayanagara (bobbili) period.

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The Panchadarla temple, built by the Eastern Chalukya Cholas in the ninth century, has fallen into disrepair. Hundreds of soap and shampoo sachets have been discovered floating in a water tank near the temple that is fed by a permanent water supply. However, neither the archaeology department nor the tourism or endowments departments appear to be taking any responsibility for the proper maintenance or preservation of this heritage structure.

Features of Sri Uma Dharmalingeswara Swamy Temple

  • The temple is unable to make a profit because devotees are allowed to enter for free.
  • The temple is supported by the income generated by the farmlands donated by the Vizianagaram Rajas.
  • If the endowments and tourism departments take the initiative to develop the temple, it can become a tourist attraction with its picturesque surroundings.

How to Get to Visakhapatnam’s Panchadarla

  • The town of Anakapalle is the closest to Panchadarla. Panchadarla is 26 kilometres from Anakapalle. From Anakapalle to Panchadarla, there is road access.
  • The nearby railway stations to Panchadarla are Elamanchili and Narasingapalli. The nearest railway stations to Anakapalle are Anakapalle and Thadi. By road, you can get from Anakapalle to Panchadarla.

Location Map For Panchadarla

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