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World Largest Fish Whale Shark was found at Thanthadi Beach Visakhapatnam

The world’s largest fish, the Whale Shark, has come to the coast of Visakhapatnam. At Tantadi beach,the shark was caught by local fishermen on Wednesday. Srikanth Mannepuri, a wildlife photographer, observed the 50-foot-long, 2-tonne fish coming ashore and promptly alerted forest department officials.

The crew rushed to Tantadi Beach on the directions of Visakha DFO Anant Shankar and confirmed that it was the world’s largest fish shark. It’s been identified as a shark species that’s on the endangered list. Anant Shankar, the Director of Fisheries and Oceans, proposed that plans be made to safely release the shark into the sea. Staff from the Forest Service, fisherman, and wildlife conservationists quickly began filter feeding the shark. The shark was subsequently returned into the sea in a safe manner.

The 2-ton fish was able to return to the water alive. According to the authorities, their efforts were successful, and they were able to swim freely in the depths of the water.

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