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WCTRE organised a Nature Walk in Meghadri Gedda Reservoir Witnessed 75 Rare Bird Species in the city

Nature is giving an opportunity to change our mind set regarding nature destruction. Youngsters are trying to mingle with nature by trekking up hills, walking in the muddy puddles, taking photographs of nature. In the context of rebuilding the nature, firstly one has to gain the knowledge about every species in nature. The program of Nature Walk conducted by WildLife Conservation Through Research and Education(WCTRE) is getting a special appreciation and support from the people who want to know about nature.

Birdwatching in visakhapatnam – These birds came from long distances to Vizag (Once in a Year)

The WCTRE organised a Nature Walk in Mehadri Gedda Reservoir on Sunday, which attracted and participated by people of all age groups. The nature walk was warmly enjoyed by persons ranging in age from 10 to 60. The visitors were amazed and delighted to see 75 different rare Indian and Migratory Bird species. The Nature Walk began at 06:45 a.m. at Mehadri Gedda Reservoir, and bird watching was arranged up to 2.5 kilometres from the reservoir.

The list of the birds that are spotted at the Bird Watching area yesterday

Brahminy ducks (Ruddy shellduck)
Black headed Ibis (resident migratory)
Spot billed duck
Little stints
Marsh sandpiper
Common red shank
Black winged stilts
Purple wing sunbird
Common teal
Tailor bird
Asian Swift
Northern pintail
Grey heron
Grey headed lapwing
Barn swallow
Darter at the breeding plumage
Grey Franklin
Bee eaters
Jacobian cuckoo (brings rain)
Indian Robin
Spotted dove
Purple swamphen
Oriole golden
Indian silverbill
Purple heron

Visitors were overjoyed to witness these rare birds, which are not commonly seen in the city, and expressed their gratitude to the officials who provided them with this opportunity by organising the Bird Watching Session in the Nature Walk programme.

Biologist of the WCTRE, Bhagyasri, spoke on the occasion about the birds that migrate to Vizag in the winter and their habits.

For the ones who fear to go out at night and also to witness nature at night,night walks with a name of Natural Walks are being arranged.These programs are also getting huge response from nature enthusiasts.The tourists got to see the night view of the city, the animals in the forest, and many forms of living beings in the forest during a recent walk held at Simhachalam forests. Between 8 and 10 p.m., the trek was completed.

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