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Waltair New Railway Zone – More employment to vizag people

Key initiatives are being taken to establish Visakhapatnam as the South Coast Railway Zone. While the project proposal is being studied by the committee, the central government has provided its approval for the establishment works of the railway zone (DPR). According to officials, the central government would issue the zone notification after carefully considering the thoughts, ideas, and concerns of various groups of people. Employees who are concerned about the Waltair division separation have been given alternatives by the zone DPR.

In terms of zone formation, the Waltair division is being separated into two divisions. In Rayagada, one division will be created, while the other will be united with the Vijayawada division. There is some disagreement on where the employees of the Waltair division should be placed after the division. Employees who have worked in the Waltair division for a long time are concerned about not only working in the new division, but also about the promotions they have been waiting for. Trackmen, technicians, and kalasis have penned a letter to the officials requesting that they be promoted. Hundreds of kalasis working in the Waltair division are waiting for promotions, despite the fact that promotions pay Rs 100/-. In the same way, gangamen and technicians are also worried about their promotions.

The officials have proposed a DPR in which they have various duty policies related to the employees who are worrying about their jobs. The arrangements are being made for the employees working as they can work in the Zone itself. Out of 17,985 employees that are working in Waltair division, 930 employees are working in DRM office. 1,370 members are to be work in the new zone office. As a result, 440 new members are required for the new zone.

The employees who are working in DRM offices are being transferred to Rayagada and Vijayawada including a new zone. The choice will be given to the employees which working space they work. The employees will be considered in the new zone even though they chose to work in other divisions also. As a result, there will be no changes in the promotion process for the employees who are waiting.Additional benefits will be provided to the employees who opt to work in the new zone. The employees who will be working in the new zone have a benefit to opt for other locations after working for one year in the new zone. Apps and websites are being developed to avoid problems like going to Vijayawada for small issues also. Railway officials stated that they have developed DPR in regards to employees not to face any issue regarding their job.

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