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Visakhapatnam to turn into a paragliding paradise

Taking advantage of the many tourist-friendly activities available in Visakhapatnam, famous international paraglide flyer Steven T Hines of California has pushed the state government to allow national and international paragliding pilots access. According to him, it will be similar to those in Himachal Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Kerala, and Pune.

“We are seeking Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to allow access to the adventurous paragliding activity in Vizag,” Hines stated in an exclusive interview with the Deccan Chronicle. This will increase the port city’s tourism potential and help it gain international recognition.”

Hines said that he had flown to 25 various locations in the city’s vicinity over the previous ten years, including Araku, the Paderu highlands, and Kailasagiri.

“I can ensure that Vizag offers fantastic flying challenges,” he stated, noting his 40 years of paragliding and flying in 22 countries and over a hundred and eighteen different places. His personal favourite is the Kailasagiri. Because he couldn’t fly at Kailasagiri, he was disappointed.

“It won’t cost the government any money because all that’s required is clearing some shrubs and getting approval,” Hines explained.

Bir and Billing have held World Championships and are regarded as the top paragliding sites in the world.

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