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Visakhapatnam, the first station choosen for promotional hub and showcase destination for Etikoppaka toys

Visakhapatnam Railway Station will embody the Center’s ambitious vision of “One Station, One Product.”

Visakhapatnam will soon embrace the Centre’s ‘One Station, One Product’ approach, according to the Railway Board.

In the 2018 Union Budget, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman unveiled the ‘One Station, One Product’ approach to aid local businesses and supply chains. The idea is based on the very famous ‘One District, One Product’ plan, and it aims to boost the supply chain of local products by using the Indian Railways network to transform each station into a showcase destination and promotional hub for local products.

Vishakapatnam will be the first station in the East Coast Railway system to adopt the concept and test it for 15 days. The station will serve as a showcase for toys and handicraft items made at the adjacent Etikoppaka lacquerware toy manufacturing village.

Anup Kumar Sethupathi, Waltair Divisional Manager, told that Visakhapatnam would be a sales magnet. According to Sethupathi, the station will serve as a marketing outlet and will dedicate a stall to a local product that is unique to the area. The Railway Board has recommended that the concept be implemented at one station in each zone, beginning on a 15-day trial basis.

He went on to say that Visakhapatnam has been chosen as the first station on the East Coast Railway zone to adopt the concept.

The authorities would install temporary kiosks at the station to promote and sell handmade products, according to another divisional official. The kiosks will be placed in areas that are easily accessible. Local self-help groups, NGOs, and co-operative societies that deal with the items will be used to identify the artisans.

The Senior Divisional Commercial Manager has been invited to receive applications from interested parties.

Officials also encouraged wood crafters in and around Visakhapatnam to take advantage of the chance to market their wares.

The Railway Board has also chosen Tirupati, which is part of the South Central Railway, to promote native Kalamkari textiles/art and wood craft products.

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