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The Floral Beauty of Araku Become More Attraction in Winter Season

In Visakhapatnam, the tourist rush continues. Araku Valley, often known as Andhra Ooty, is a prominent tourist destination. Araku Valley, which is known for its natural beauty, is blanketed in fog. During the winter season, nature lovers will be charmed by the splendour and natural beauty of the area.

The spectators are fascinated by the splendour of the Araku Valley snow, which appears to be touching the ground due to the fog and mists between the steep hills. Even in the cold, the yard shudders and embraces with delight.

The Araku Valley, often known as Andhra Ooty, is experiencing a cooling trend. Temperatures have dropped to historic lows. Tourists, on the other hand, are forming lines to view Araku this season.

The snow clouds that rise in the Araku Valley early in the morning appear to be facing the Palasamudram. The snow-capped peaks of the hills create a beautiful sight in Madagada village, near Araku Valley.Many individuals believe that seeing the amazing natural beauty is enough, rather than travelling to Kashmir or another faraway location. In the meanwhile, the Dumbriguda Zone’s Valise flowers greet visitors. Tourists go to Araku to see these blooms, which bloom exclusively in the winter.

Tourists from all over the country flock to Araku this season to witness the splendour of this wildflower. The natural beauty of Andhra Ooty attracts visitors. Tourists also flock to the Chaparai Jalavihari in the Dumbriguda Zone. Tourists go to the Chaparai shoreline, as well as the Araku Coffee and Tribal Museum. Tourists are also coming to the Vanjangi hills near Paderu.

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