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The 125 ft Venkateswara Swamy statue is yet another milestone for Visakhapatnam beauty

In Visakhapatnam, a suitable location for building a 125-foot-tall statue is already being examined. Along with the idol of Srivari, a suitable pavilion will be built. It was agreed to provide three acres of government land in the Bhimili region to the Vaikuntha Venkateswara Swamy Trust free of charge in a letter to the trust that a statue of the Swami would be built. TTD Chairman YV Subbareddy and Evo Dr KS Jawahar Reddy recently sent a letter to the Visakhapatnam District Collector stating their views.

On the gorgeous Visakhapatnam coastline, another wonder is going to happen. In Manihar, a popular tourist area, a new spiritual centre is being built. Many tourism attractions, such as Kailasagiri, Vuda Park, Central Park, and Tenneti Park, have previously captivated visitors. A suitable location for constructing a 125-foot-tall statue is currently in the works.

According to the Venkateswara Swamy Trust, the non-profit would carry out the task themselves in order to boost everyone’s divine thought. With several celebrities as members of their trust, the Gadiraju Trust has prepared for the installation of a 125-foot-tall statue. The letter was prompted by a request from the trust for a suitable site for the statue, which will cost a lot of money to build, as well as cooperation from the government.

TTD Ewo also informed the Collector of the situation, asking that they find a suitable location in Survey No. 314, Kapuluppada, along Bhimili Beach Road. The Bhimili Tehsildar and Revenue Task Force, as well as the District Collector, received a letter requesting that the land at Poramboku be given to the Gadiraju Trust free of charge. The Gadiraju Trust is seeking permission to construct a temple around Visakhapatnam’s tallest Venkateswara Swamy statue. TTD Chairman Y.V. is already in place. He also wrote Subbareddy a letter.

It is intended that by building the Venkanna Statue in Visakhapatnam, which is seeing a rise in tourism, the city will become well-known both financially and in terms of tourism. In Mauritius, there is a 108-foot Swami statue, and in Visakhapatnam, they can erect their own. The letter stated that if there was an arena, the structure would be much more stunning to Hindu worshippers all around the world. Swami also described the idol’s and mandapa’s construction.

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