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Thandava Reservoir : Tourist’s Flow Increases to See the Beauty of Thandava But People Suffers a Lot..!

The 4500-acre Tandava reservoir is a key irrigation project in the area. Throughout the year hangs together with. Everyone who visits this place is suffering. Some of them come from Golugonda mandals via Venkatapuram from Jogumpeta. This route’s dirt road is a little rough. Some people are making their way to Natavaram Mandal Yarravaram. On this path, furs grew along the five-kilometer stretch of road between the welcome gate and the spillway gates.

The shortage of drinking water and bathroom facilities at the reservoir is causing hardship for the women. Lunch, breakfast, and snacks are not sold at any stores. The nearby Nallagondamma Mother Temple attracts visitors from the surrounding villages. From the top of the hill, many visitors can see Tandava’s beauty. The embankment’s previously built asphalt road was damaged. The flowers in the flowerpots faded away.

The defensive walls were neglected when ghat road work was completed two years ago on the hill adjacent to the main gate. As the fur grows longer, the severity of the accident chances increases. Work on the walls and railings for immediate protection is required.

Many believe that if a mechanised boat cruise is organised in the reservoir, the number of visitors will increase. A 75-acre plot of property belongs to the Department of Water Resources. Cottages and other tourist facilities might be helpful here.

Many people urge the politicians to look after the tourism project so that visitors leaving Visakhapatnam in the morning can see Tandava reservoir, Sargudu, Dharamatham falls, and Alluri Sitaramaraj park in Krishnadevipeta before arriving in Lambasingi in the evening.

Source : From Eenadu

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