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Tatipudi Reservoir (Boating Timings, Location and Images)

Tatipudi Reservoir Images

The Tatipudi Reservoir is located between Vizag and Araku Valley in the Vizianagaram district, 65 kilometres from Vizag and 55 kilometres from Araku.

This reservoir, located 8 kilometres from Vizag Araku road, supplies water to Vizag city. In the Vizianagaram District, a barrage has been built across the river Gosthani. This junction is 50 kilometres from the Kotha road junction ( Visakhapatnam ) on the way to Araku from Vizag, and it is located before the hilly area.

In 1963, the Gosthani Reservoir was built across the river to provide drinking water to Vizag City. With lush green mountains on all sides, this location is breathtaking. There is a boating facility available. During the months of April and May, this reservoir is home to a variety of migrant birds.

This place can be visited on the way to Araku or on the way back to Vizag with a little extra effort.

Reservoir boating

This reservoir offers boating opportunities. For one hour, the cost is Rs 50/- per person. The boat will take you to the other end of the resort area, where you will visit, and then wait for 20 minutes before returning.

Opposite-end resort

This resort has 3 non-air conditioned rooms and 2 air conditioned rooms. Non-AC rooms cost Rs 800 per night, while AC rooms cost Rs 1200 to 1500 per night. 10 a.m. is the check-out time.

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You will be transported to the resort by boat, and you will be able to return the following day or according to the plan of your stay. At both ends of the reservoir, there are canteens where food can be prepared to order.

Starting from Araku road (without boating) and returning to Vizag Araku road, a casual visit to the reservoir will take 45 minutes ( without boating ).

Waterfalls at Tatipudi Reservoir

The Tatipudi Reservoir is located in Vizianagaram’s Srungavarapukota city, which is situated between Vizag and Araku depression. During the months of April and May, a few stray winged animals make this their home. The Reservoir is about 10 kilometres from S Kota and can be reached from Vizag via Kotha Vooru and Krishnapuram, or from Araku via Tennuboddaa and Tatipudi city.

This location is absolutely stunning, with lush, undeveloped mountains on all sides. There is a boating facility available. During the months of April and May, a number of migrant birds make this reservoir their home. With a little extra effort, this place can be visited on the way to Araku or on the way back to Visakhapatnam.

What is the best way to get to Tatipudi Reservoir

  • Tatipudi is the closest city to Vizianagaram. It’s 20 kilometres from the Vizianagaram bus station. You can take a car or bus to Tatipudi, which is on the way to Srungvarapukota, from the APSRTC Bus Stand in Vizianagaram. The number of APSRTC buses that travel to this location from major cities.
  • Vizianagaram Railway Station, a railway junction, is where you can get off. All trains bound for Howrah, Bhubaneswar, Bilaspur, Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Banglore, Tirupati, and other destinations will come to a complete stop here.
  • Vizianagaram is 60 kilometres from the nearest airport, Visakhapatnam.

Location Map For Tatipudi Reservoir

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