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The Talupulamma Talli temple in Andhra Pradesh is the most well-known place in the state, where everyone goes to offer pooja to the Goddess after purchasing a new vehicle. There are few people in Andhra Pradesh who are unaware of this Goddess, and everyone insists on visiting her and having her darshan after purchasing a new vehicle. In this location, people sell goats, chickens, and hens. The temple is nestled between two hills and is surrounded by beautiful scenery. For those looking for a fun way to spend their weekend, this is a great spot for a picnic.

Talupulamma Temple is a Hindu pilgrimage site in the Andhra Pradesh town of Lova in the East Godavari district. Talupulamma Thalli, a gramadevatha, is the presiding deity (lit. Goddess who grants wishes). It has views of the valley and is situated between two heavily forested hillocks, Darakonda and Teegakonda, near the town of Tuni.

The place where Amma is the ‘door door’ is called ‘lava.’ The oldest is in the Godavari district of East Godavari. The location is well-known for its front door. Hills that were once hidden by dense forests can now be seen. Locals refer to one of these hills as Dharakonda and the other as Kangakonda. ‘Thalukalamma’ can be seen between these two hills. The legend of the location tells me that it is well-known for being the entrance.

The temple is 65 kilometres away from Kakinada, 90 kilometres away from Visakhapatnam, and 100 kilometres away from Rajahmundry. The temple is also close to Annavaram, a Vaishnavite temple town (20 km).

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History of the Temple

When Agastya Maharshi arrived in the region, there was no water to be found. After that, he prayed to the jaggery as well as the bottomless pit on the hill. After completing the Santhi salute, Agastya requested that Mother remain in the area, and his request is all in the hill of the hill. Amma is receiving poojasheets in order to fulfil the devotees’ wishes in a timely manner. Devotees believe that the Mother will bestow all good things on them here. In the lush green surroundings, visiting the deity is a pleasurable experience. The village of Velamkottur is nearby.

Festivals and Poojas at Talupulamma Temple

The annual Jatara and Ashada Masa Utsavams are the temple’s most important events. From Chaitra Bahula Vidiya to Chaitra Bahula Amavasya, the annual Jatara is celebrated for 15 days.Every year, between Ashada Suddha Padyami and Ashada Bahula Amavasya, the Ashada Masa Utsavams are held. Grama Devatha Agamas is followed by the temple.

Prices for Sevas, Darshanam and Rituals


  • Special Darshanam – Rs 20/-
  • Vishishta Darshanam – Rs 50/-
  • Sheegra Darshanam – Rs 100/-


  • Chinna Theertham – Rs 10/-
  • Pedda Theertham – Rs 50/-
  • Anna Prasanam – Rs 100/-
  • Uyyala Seva – Rs 50/-
  • Chandihomam – Rs 500/-
  • Two Wheeler Pooja – Rs 50/-
  • Naming Ceremony – Rs 100/-
  • Three or Four Wheeler Pooja – Rs 400/-
  • Panchamrutha Abhishekam – Rs 250/-
  • Sahsranam Kumkumarchana – Rs 116/-

Devotees must wear Traditional wear while visiting the temple.

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What is the best way to get to Thalupulamma Talli temple

The Thalupulamma Talli temple is located in Andhra Pradesh’s Visakhaptanam district. This location is halfway between Tuni and Annavaram. The distance between Visakhaptanam and Rajahmundry is 100 kilometres. Continue on towards Annavaram after Tuni and take a right turn near an arch indicating the temple’s name. The temple is only 5 kilometres from the arch. Visitors can enjoy the scenery as they travel through some extremely beautiful landscape areas.

The road becomes sharper as you get closer to the temple, with a few sharp curves. Vehicles approach the temple’s footstep. To get to the temple grounds, you’ll have to climb some steps.

Location Map For Talupulamma Lova Temple

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