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Srikurmam Kurmanathaswamy Temple is a Hindu temple in the Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh, India. It’s dedicated to Kurmanathaswamy, Vishnu’s Kurma avatar, and his consort Lakshmi, Kurmanayaki.

The presiding deity is said to have appeared here in the shape of a tortoise, according to Hindu legend. With the Gopala Yantra, Brahma consecrated the deity. Ancestor worship is popular at this temple.

Srikurmam is the only Indian temple dedicated to Vishnu in his Kurma avatar anywhere in the world. Srikurmam was originally known as the Kurmeswara temple and was dedicated to Shiva until Ramanuja converted it to a Vaishnavite temple in the 11th century CE. Since then, the temple has been regarded as an important centre of Vaishnavism in the mediaeval period, alongside Simhachalam.

Later, Madhvacharya’s disciple Naraharitirtha was instrumental in establishing Srikurmam as the centre of Vishnavite religious activity.Two dhvajasthambas are found in the temple, which is unusual for a Vaishnavite temple. There are only a few inscriptions related to the royal lineages that once existed in this area on 108 ekasila (single-stone) pillars, none of which look alike. Srikurmam is now the only conservation centre for adult and young star tortoises, thanks to the construction of a tortoise park.

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History of Srikurmam Kurmanathaswamy Temple

The temple’s inscriptional history dates from the 11th and 12th centuries. Because it is a Vaishnavite temple, it is also popular among the Tamil diaspora. Srikurmam was originally dedicated to Shiva and known as the Kurmeswara temple until Ramanuja converted it to a Vaishnavite temple in the 11th century CE. With the help of Kalinga king Anantavarman Chodaganga, the eastern Ganga king, his disciples established Vaishnavism in the temple. Following this occurrence, a group of devadasis was hired to sing and dance in front of the deity every morning and evening.

The Bhoga Parikshas are mentioned in temple inscriptions as Narasimha Dasa Pandita and Purushottama Deva. Srikurmam is currently administered by the Gajapathi Rajus of Vizianagaram.

Religious Rituals and festivals at Srikurmam Kurmanathaswamy Temple

Srikurmam is one of the few temples in India that follows both Shaivite and Vaishnavite traditions. The following are the religious rituals performed in the temple

  • Abhisheka will be done on a daily basis at the temple oftenly seen in Shaivite temples rather than Vaishanvite temples.
  • Akhanda Deeparadhana
  • Nitya Bhogam
  • Kalyanam

These are regularly performed in the temple to the gods.

Srikurmam is known as pitrukshetra because of its ancestor worship. People believe that if they offer prayers here, their ancestors’ souls will be saved.

The three-day Dolotsavam festival is the temple’s most important event. On the first day, Kamadahanam is observed, followed by Padiya and Dolotsavam. On Vaisakha Suddha Ekadasi, the annual Kalyanotsavam is held. Kurma Jayanthi on Jyeshta Bahula Dwadasi and Mukkoti Ekadasi are two other festive activities.

Characteristics that are unique at the temple

  1. An unusual conservation park within the temple grounds to protect young and adult star tortoises.
  2. In the east and west, there are two dwajasthambas, which is unusual for a Vishnu temple.
  3. Originally facing east, the deity now faces west in response to Sri Ramanujacharya’s prayers.
  4. The deity is placed on the Gopala yantra, which is another unusual feature.
  5. Devotees participate in the Abhishekam, which follows both Shaiva and Vaishnava traditions.
  6. In Srikurmam, ancestor worship is very popular.

Darshan Timings at Srikurmam Temple

  • Opening and Closing Timings : 6 a.m. – 7:45 p.m.
  • Timings for Abhishekam: 4:30 a.m. to 6 a.m. The cost of a ticket is Rs.200 per couple.
  • Time of Kalyanotsavam: 9 a.m.; Ticket Price: Rs.516 per couple.
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What is the best way to get to Srikurmam Temple

  • Srikakulam Old Bus Station is 13 kilometres away from the temple.
  • The main bus station in Srikakulam is 15 kilometres away from the temple.
  • Srikakulam Railway Station is 25 kilometres from the Temple.

Places to visit that are near to SriKurmam Temple

  • Surya Deva Temple of Arasavalli is 12 kilometres away
  • 45 kilometres away is the Sri Mukhalingam Siva Temple
  • Narada Theertham
  • Madhava Theertham
  • Koutilya Theertham
  • Chakra Theertham
  • Narasimha Theertham

Location Map for Srikurmam Temple

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