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Smart Meters are expected to be installed in Visakhapatnam

The power industry has found it difficult to collect current bills on a monthly basis.On the other hand, arrears on government departments and the private sector are accumulating in crores. Discs believe that smart metres, both prepaid and postpaid, will help them overcome this problem.Prepaid smart metres might help you save money on your electricity bill. On the one hand, it encourages consumers to conserve energy.On the other side, electricity delays might harden the discs.

According to the Central Government’s directives, the state is planning to install prepaid smart metres for electricity. Prepaid metres are already being used in a number of states across the country. It began as a prototype project in the Telugu states of Hyderabad and Tirupati. The central government plans to use more than 30% of the country’s prepaid metres by 2017, according to the government.

Smart metres are expected to be installed in the next three to four years. Under the supervision of NPTI DCL, AP has already finished engineer training in EPDCL. Raised public awareness on the installation of smart metres.The first is the disk’s government affairs prepaid metres should be installed by Yalu, Panchayats, Municipalities, and Corporations, according to the sentence.

Many advantages of Smart Metres:

  • Prepaid smart metres on mobile phones you must first refuel the electricity metre, same like the dark. Cash is deposited in advance with the power distribution firms as a result of this. There is a chance that the load of the mouth can be lifted. Guttate will have a chance to compete.
  • Power can be used as required. There will be no squandering.
  • Interruptions will be resolved immediately.
  • Agricultural load can be calculated as accurate. They can increase the transformers and separate lines where load is high.
  • Tave flow Detections also provides net metering to become a source of income for those with rooftop solar.

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