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Sea Harrier Museum is getting ready in Visakhapatnam on RK Beach Road

The Sea Harrier fighter plane, which was previously housed in the TU-142 Aircraft Museum, has been relocated to the new museum on RK Beach Road in Visakhapatnam. The museum is set to open in March 2022. . The Indian Navy retired the Sea Harrier fighter plane in 2016, and the Visakhapatnam Metropolitan Region Development Authority transported it from Goa to Visakhapatnam (VMRDA).

The Sea Harrier fighter plane has been relocated to the new museum building, according to VMRDA Executive Engineer Bala Rama Raju, and installation will begin soon. “The fighter jet, a Sea Harrier, will be hanging from the building’s ceiling.” The gallery will feature its engine, simulator, and other spare parts. While the museum is being built, more items will be brought in from Goa. It will most likely be inaugurated soon.”

The VMRDA is planning an integrated museum and tourist complex on RK Beach Road, which will include the Sea Harrier Museum. On RK Beach in Visakhapatnam, the project will include the TU-142 Aircraft Museum, the ‘Victory at Sea’ Memorial, the AU Convention Hall, the INS Kursura Submarine Museum, and the Sea Harrier Museum, which will be a new addition.

Cyclone HudHud has severely destroyed the Rajiv Smruti Bhavan on RK Beach Road. The VMRDA has restored and beautified the Rajiv Smruti Bhavan, now known as the Sea Harrier Museum Building, to accommodate the fighter jet.

VMRDA has already received Rs 10 crore from the Andhra Pradesh State Government for the building of the Sea Harrier Museum on RK Beach. The tourism complex will also include a 3D Naval Aviation Museum, which will be available for an additional fee. The planned complex will also include a multi-story parking garage, as well as a no-parking zone on the exterior.

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