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Sculpture and Painting Exhibition in AU (Andhra University) Vizag

Sculptures and paintings have been created from thousands of ideas. Clay, stick, stone, fibre, metal, and colours like white, red, and yellow melted in their hands and became a work of art.The Department of Fine Arts at Andhra University is hosting an exhibition of eye-catching and eye-catching works of art. VC Acharya P.V.J.D. Prasad Reddy kicked things off.

He showed final-year BF and MAP students masterpieces that brought their concepts to life. He questioned the students about the concept, the work, the time it took, and so on.Rector Acharya K. Samata said that the students’ perfect knowledge and mature art forms are a testament to their talent. This star Acharya V. Krishnamohan says that the students have the talent to turn the knowledge they have learned into real forms. He said the show would last for three days. The workshop was attended by retired professors, researchers, faculty and students.

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