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Sankaram – The Ancient Buddhist Heritage Spot

Sankaram village, near Anaklapalli, is a popular Buddhist heritage site situated on the banks of the Sarada River. Two Buddhist sites, Bojjana Konda and Lingalakonda, are located in this tiny village 41 kilometres from Vizag. These Buddist sites from the third and fourth centuries tell the story of this location as a Buddhist cultural and teaching centre. Sankaram is derived from the Sangharama word, which means monastery.

On the twin hills of Bojjanna Konda and Lingala Konda, there are numerous monolithic stupas, rock-cut caves, ruins of prayer halls and meditation halls, brick-built structural edifices, and resting places. In 1906, Bojjana Konda was discovered by a Britisher named “Alexander Rea.” Lingalametta, a 2000-year-old Buddhist Heritage site, includes numerous monolithic stupas, caves, and structural buildings, as well as a seated image of Buddha known as Buddhanna or Bojjana.

Many old coins (from the Samudra Gupta and Satavahana periods) and clay tablets of Sitting Buddha were discovered during the excavation of this site. Many Buddha statues are carved into the caves’ rock faces.

If you are a serious visitor to this place, there are guides available to show you the caves and their importance. However, many of the tour guides are unable to communicate effectively in English. The area’s green fields and distant hills can be seen from the hilltops. A casual visitor will be able to cover both locations in an hour.

There are large and small rock cut monolithic stupas carved on single rocks of various shapes on the nearby hill of Lingalametta. Some stupas are as tall as a two-story structure.

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Relics of all three phases of Buddhism, Hinayana, Mahayana, and Vijrayana, can be found in this part of the state. So, on one hill, there is a Buddha statue, while on the other, there are numerous stupas.

How to reach Sankaram

Sankaram village is 45 kilometres from Vizag, in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This location can be reached in less than an hour via National Highway No 5. Anakapalli, the nearest railway station, is 4 kilometres away from this historic site. It will take 15 minutes to drive from Anakapalli town. This location does not charge an entrance fee. If you are a serious visitor to this location, there are guides available to show you around the caves and explain their significance.

Nearby Attractions of Sankaram

Sankaram’s Events and Attractions

The Hinayana, Mahayana, and Vajrayana phases of Buddhism are all represented in Bojjannakonda. The imposing figures of the Buddha seated in a meditation pose, as well as the stupa, are the main attractions here. The main stupa was carved out of rock before being bricked up.

Sankaram Entry Fees and Timings

Sankaram is free to visit. It is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Location Map for Sankaram

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