Ross Hill Church Vizag (History, Entry Fee, Timings, Photos, Location)

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Vizag is surrounded by three hills, each with its own religious significance, that stand side by side, welcoming you into a world of pure wonder. The Ross Hill Church, standing atop Vizag’s central hill, is an impressive structure that attracts both tourists and locals.

The Church is known for its magnificent architecture and scenic views of the surrounding beaches, port, and shipyard, in addition to its religious significance. Ross Hill Church, a must-see tourist attraction in Vizag, is a must-see for anyone visiting the port city.

Ross Hill Church’s History:

The hill on which the church stands was named after a local judge, Monsieur Ross, who is said to have built a house on it. Bishop Msgr J. M. Tissot moved into the bungalow two years later, and in 1867, the Vicar General Fr. Richard built an altar and a chapel.

Natural disasters caused the church to be destroyed, necessitating the reinstallation of a new statue of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in 1877.Bishop Roussillon vowed to put his people under the protection of Ross Hill Chapel during a Japanese raid over Visakhapatnam in April 1942. Magically, there were no more raids on the city.

The first Thanksgiving Procession was held on February 10, 1946. This has become a significant part of the lives of Vizag residents, making it a must-attend event. It’s been almost a century since the church was built.

Ross Hill Church has a lot to offer:

Ross Hill Church welcomes you with open arms and offers the ability to find peace and calm in whatever way you see suitable. It flourishes because tourists flock to this location in search of rejuvenation, relaxation, and mental peace.

The following are some of the activities available at the church:

  • Tourists are welcome to pray and attend mass as per the timeline. The church welcomes people of all castes, creeds, religions, and genders.
  • The wide angle view of the city and Port that comes with a visit to Ross Hill Church is the best part about it. The horizon is going to steal your breath.
  • Arrive early to see one of the most breathtaking sunrises or sunsets you’ve ever seen. The church’s location allows you to witness the phenomenon and take high-quality photographs.
  • The church maintains a code of silence, allowing you to experience complete peace and solitude. Walking up the stairs to the church is a therapeutic experience in and of itself, and the peace that comes at the end is breathtaking.

Ross Hill Church Vizag Entrance Fees and Timings:

Ross Hill is a great example of communal harmony, with churches, mosques, and temples coexisting peacefully. When visiting the Ross Hill. you can visit the following places in addition to the Church.

Ross Hill Church Vizag’s Location and Directions:

The address for Ross Hill Church is Port Area, Visakhapatnam.It is approximately 20 kilometres from the city centre. There are a variety of ways to get to the church.

Ross Hill Church is accessible via a number of state buses. You must remember to exit at the RTC Complex, where you must take an auto or cab.

Location Map For Ross Hill Church

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