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Record Number of Tourists Visited to Vanjangi Paderu

Thousands of tourists go to the Vizag tribal hamlet of Vanjangi, making it a buzzing tourist destination. The hills are primarily covered with silver-colored clouds and the sunrise, making the location even more unique for visitors.

Barely 20,000 people visited the site on Sunday, causing a massive traffic jam at the mountaintop that took around two hours to clear.Seethamma parvatham, also known as Jenda konda, is a hill station in the same region as Vanjangi that is surrounded by clouds and attracts tourists.

Tourists arrived in Olubedda and Barembanda villages on Saturday evening to spend the night and then set out early the next morning to experience the cool temperature and warmest sunlight as they trekked up and down the hill’s ups and downs to reach the top of the hill. Tourists admired and relished the hill’s splendour as if it were a milky sea.

Kanthilal Dande, the Chief Secretary of State for Tribal Welfare, and his family had visited Lambasingi, also known as Andhra Kashmir. After taking a boat ride in the Tajangi reservoir, we went and witnessed the income and expenses of the tribals’ vegetable crops and gardens. The Chief Secretary had advised the tribals to exhibit an interest in the higher-paying crops. The Chief Secretary is accompanied by ITDA PO R.Gopal Krishna and others who are inspecting the locations.

According to officials, approximately 5,000 people visited Borra guhalu, generating Rs 3.50 lakh in revenue.

Other popular tourist destinations are Katiki Falls, Sariya Falls, and Coffee Plantations which are visited by the tourists.

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