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Record Number of Foreign Tourists Visited to Vizag

In Vizag, tourism has reached a new level. Vizag is quickly becoming a tourist hotspot for both locals and foreigners. The number of visitors to Vizag is increasing year after year. Tourists are not only walking around the city, but they are also touring Vizag’s districts.

The number of tourists visiting Vizag has grown this year compared to last year, according to authorities from the tourism department.

Prior to the Covid epidemic, 15 to 18 lakh tourists visited Vizag district.During the Covid epidemic, 2,73,12,697 tourists visited Vizag in 2019, while just 1,01,57,402 tourists visited in 2020.The city received 1,74,64,937 tourists in 2021.

Araku, also known as Andhra Ooty, has become a renowned tourist destination in Vizag. Tourists are coming to the caves of Araku, Paderu, and Borra. These locations attract between 1000 and 1500 tourists. The number of tourists increases by 5% over the weekend.

According to tourism statistics, 15 tourists visit Visakhapatnam for every 30 tourists that visit India.

After the Covid travel restrictions were lifted, the number of international tourists increased significantly.

Vizag received 6,212 foreign tourists in February 2020, but the number has not surpassed 5000 since then.

The city received 5,191 tourists in December 2021.

According to tourism records, 4,992 foreign tourists visited Vizag as of January 25, 2021.

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