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Real estate game changer is ready in Vizag.

Properties Vizag ( is ready to become a  game changer in the field of real estate for the location of Vizag, For the first time, a real estate website has been launched with longitude & latitude features for the property listing. This website is an online business platform & developed by Corpware Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

It’s implemented as a two way portal as it allows both the Property agents as well as property owners to list their properties for exposure to the home buyers, tenets. The portal has its presence for all locations over Visakhapatnam.

It’s developed with a more user friendly interface & implemented the social login options for easy & quick login. Users will be able to explore the properties according to the category they want like Sale or Rent etc. The listing of your property in this portal is totally free of cost. The website was both PC supported and enabled mobile-friendly interface.

The portal also extends its services to the news & updates of real estate companies in Visakhapatnam, The biggest benefit that this website provides to the users is that the users are free to post properties & shares that listings on social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter.

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