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New features have been added to the Visakhapatnam Public Library

In its never-ending drive to reinvent itself, the Visakhapatnam Public Library (VPL) has added a slew of new services to provide readers with a richly fulfilling experience.

VPL has recently updated its Periodicals wing as well as the reading space for job aspirants. The library has also been spruced up with a dash of flora to offer a nice atmosphere for library patrons who like to study outside on the lawn or in the shadow of a tree.

Modern furniture has been installed in the Periodicals section, and the decor has been upgraded. Readers can choose from a variety of newspapers and magazines. It has been updated to accommodate up to 80 readers comfortably. A total of 140 people can sit in the room for career aspirants. The decor has been updated and both spaces are well-lit and ventilated.

Separate racks have been built to stock important English newspapers according to day and month in a methodical manner.

V. Ratan Raj, executive director of HPCL-Visakh Refinery, spoke at the facility’s opening on Thursday, addressing job seekers on the topic of ‘Coming together for knowledge dissemination.’

Mr. Varma thanked HPCL for contributing $39 lakh to the library’s furnishing as part of the company’s CSR initiative.

Career seekers travel from all across Visakhapatnam and sometimes even neighbouring districts to study here because of the extensive assortment of books available. At Dondaparthy, the library is housed in a 32,000 square foot building on 2,000 square yards of ground.

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