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Matsyagundam Paderu (Entry Fee, Photos, Best Time, Location)

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Matsyagundam, also known as “fish pool,” is a fascinating pool on the Machkund river near the village of Matham, located 35 kilometres from Araku Valley (15 kms from Paderu) The river and the watercourse are separated by a rocky barrier, and the stream plunges into a large hole and disappears below it, only to reappear about 100 yards lower down.

Whenever it emerges from beneath the barrier, it creates a pool teeming with fish of all sizes. Steps have been constructed, and one can now walk directly up to the pool. These are incredibly tame and will happily eat from one’s hand. You are even permitted to pat their backs. The fish is revered by the tribe and others in this area. On the river’s bank, there’s a small Shiva temple.

Matsyagundam, located near Paderu in a small picturesque valley, is a popular tourist destination. Within a flowing water that flows with musical sound, verdant fish can be seen. The fish return to the surface of the water and eat the food offered by the visitors, which is a pleasant surprise. Every year, the Shivaratri festival will be held at a small Shiva Temple.

History of Matsyagundam

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The Shri Matsyalingeswara Swamy Temple in Matsyagundam dates back centuries. According to legend, a battle between snakes (Singarajulu) and fish (Matsyarajulu) took place. For safety from the snakes, the Mother fish brought all the fish here from a place called “Gemmili,” and the fish have lived here ever since, giving it the name Matsya Gundam. Lord Matysyalingeswara Swamy is said to have continued to protect these fishes.

The villagers don’t eat fish, and they don’t go fishing. At Gemmili, the mother fish is still fighting. Once a year, people from all over the agency and the surrounding districts come together to celebrate Maha Shivarathri for three days, performing poojas and cultural programmes (locally called Jaatara).

Best Time to visit Matsyagundam

The best time to visit Matsyagundam near Araku is during Maha Shivaratri as people celebrate Maha Shivaratri as an auspicious festival by conducting Jathara for three days.

Timings and Entry Fee to visit Matsyagundam

Matsyagundam is open to the public from 09:00 AM to 08:30 PM and it is free to the public and visitors to visit Matsyagundam.

Location For Matsyagundam

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