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Matsyadarshini Aquarium Vizag (Entry Fee, Location, Images)

Matsyadarshini Images

Matsya Darshini is located on Beach Road,Visakhapatnam. Imagine a museum that provides fascinating information about the world beneath the waves while also revealing the mystery beneath the crystal surface, all while setting the scene on a beach. This dream comes true at MatsyaDarshini Aquarium in Visakhapatnam, also known as Vizag.

As if fishing for curious learners, the aquarium shows off its unknown knowledge of sea life in an engaging, interactive way. It’s more popular with kids, but it doesn’t leave any stone unturned in terms of hooking adults.

Vizag’s MatsyaDarshini Aquarium’s History

MatsyaDarshini Aquarium is one of the many places in Vizag worth visiting because it reflects one of the city’s most prominent features: the sea. Vizag is a port and industrial city with a strong maritime commercial and social focus.

The Municipal Corporation of Visakhapatnam opened MatsyaDarshini Aquarium in 1994. It was founded in a bungalow owned by a Municipal Commissioner until 1990. The aquarium has about twenty tanks of various sizes that house a variety of freshwater and sea creatures, as well as exotic and invertebrates.

Best Places To Visit In Visakhapatnam

Matsya Darshini Aquarium, Vizag offers a variety of activities to do

MatsyaDarshini Aquarium provides children with highly educational day-out plans that allow them to break free from the concept of work and no play. Adults can also see heightened excitement and curiosity at the aquarium. With an endless list of activities to choose from, the aquarium has made science fun

  • Aquatic Animals
  • In-house Shop

MatsyaDarshini Aquarium Vizag Ticket Prices and Timings

The MatsyaDarshini Museum’s location makes it easy to see more of the city. The following are a few of the nearby attractions

MatsyaDarshini Aquarium Vizag Location and Directions

The MatsyaDarshini Aquarium is located on Rama Krishna Beach, approximately 17.2 kilometres from the city centre. To get there, you can take one of the following modes of transportation

  • Bus: From any point in the city, RTC bus services can take you there.
  • You can even take an auto rickshaw to the aquarium.
  • Cab: For a more convenient ride, you can use a cab service in Vizag

Location Map For Matsyadarshini Aquarium

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