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Mangamaripeta Beach (Timings, Location and Photos)

Mangamaripeta Beach Photos

Mangamaripeta Beach is one such beach that not only allows you to dip your feet in the water and build sandcastles, but also provides an adventure through its water sports.

Mangamaripeta, a small hamlet about 16 kilometres from Visakhapatnam. Thotlakonda, a hill with a Buddhist complex, is its most famous feature. This complex was discovered by the Indian Navy during an aerial survey that took place at a height of 128 metres above ground.

This region is believed to have been ruled by the Kalinga Empire, and the beach served as a point of focus for spreading Buddhist teachings and principles. At 128 metres above sea level, on the beach, there is a Buddhist complex surrounded by the famous Thotlakonda hill.

Mangamaripeta Arch

The natural Mangamaripeta arch, which is a nature-made work of art, is one of the highlights of the Mangamaripeta Beach in Visakhapatnam. This arch was formed over the last 6000 years or more by marine geological activity and erosion.

Mangamaripeta rocks from the Eastern Ghats, which date back 800 to 1,600 million years, make up the arch.You can walk on this arch as the waves crash against it, then return to try again. Geologists have urged the government to protect the arch, which is at risk of being damaged due to high tourist traffic.

Vizag’s Mangamaripeta Beach offers a variety of water sports

Tourist Places in Visakhapatnam

At Mangamaripeta Beach, there are a variety of water activities to choose from.

  • Kayaking
  • Parasailing
  • Jet Skis
  • Banana Boat Rides
  • Zorbing ball for thrill seekers

Tourist attractions near Mangamaripeta Beach,Vizag:

The tiger prawn hatcheries in Mangamaripeta village are well-known.

Mangamaripeta Beach Vizag’s location and how to get there?

Vizag is only about 35 kilometres away from the beach. To get to the beach, either hire a cab or take the bus.

Mangamaripeta beach is best visited between December and March.

Location Map of Mangamaripeta Beach

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