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Major fire Accident at Visakhapatnam Steel Plant! Heavy property damage

At the Visakhapatnam steel mill, a fire broke out. When a hole in the ladle pipe was formed in the blast furnace Schlant-2, a steel hole was drilled. When the liquid spilled, it started the fire, which spread to two lorries. The fire department was notified right away by alert staff. They arrived quickly and extinguished the fire. The incident left no one hurt, and everyone was declared dead on the spot.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the disaster, and the steel plant workers died from suffocation. It’s time to figure out how much damage has been done. Authorities are also looking into the accident’s cause.

An investigation into the fire has been ordered by the company’s owners. The Visakhapatnam steel factory has also had fires in the past. The incident’s exact details remain unknown at this time.

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