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Lambasingi to get Automatic Weather station (AWS) by India Meteorological Department (IMD)

At Lambasingi tribal hamlet in Chintapalli mandal in Vizag Agency, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) will deploy an automatic weather station (AWS).

Despite the fact that Lammasingi is famous as Andhra Pradesh’s Kashmir and that visitors come to the area for its misty weather and low temperatures, due to the lack of a thermometer, temperature predictions are based on guesswork and computations.

By establishing an AWS in the Vizag Agency, the state will be able to monitor the entire tribal pocket in the Vizag area. The AWS will allow the IMD to provide more detailed forecasts on rainfall and other Met Department notifications.

Stella S, Director of IMD-Amaravati, stated that after evaluating various parameters, the AWS at Lambasingi will provide correct data. In addition to the other tools provided with IMD, the AWS is the finest tool and first condition for weather forecasting. It assists in determining the present state of meteorological characteristics such as wind, temperature, atmospheric pressure (minimum and maximum), wind directions, relative humidity, and rainfall. “The information of the weather will get in every 15 minutes and the
Public can see the data on their phones through the websites. ” she noted.

“We selected to place the AWS there because Lambasingi has become a famous tourist destination due to foggy and cold weather conditions.,” Stella explained.

At Lammasingi, IMD has been given land to build the AWS. If everything goes according to plan, construction on the AWS will start soon, and it will be operational by 2022. Farmers in the Vizag Agency will receive notifications from the AWS.

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