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Kurupam Tomb – The Vizag Taj Mahal (True Story, Location and Images)

Kurupam Tomb Images

The Kurupam Tomb, located near the Waltair Beach at Vuda Park on the Bheemili Road, is an ancient Visakhapatnam mausoleum built in memory of Rajah Vyricherla Veerabhadra Raju Bahadur, the Zamindar of Kurupam.

It is also referred to as the ‘Visakha Taj Mahal’ (Taj Mahal of Visakhapatnam). It tells the storey of the Zamindar of Kurupam’s true love for his life partner. The Kurupam Tomb, which is heavily frequented by Visakhapatnam tourists and is currently maintained as the ancestral private property of the Kurupam Zamindar family, is renowned for its exquisite architecture.

Kurupam Tomb is one of the most popular tourist attractions because of its historical and cultural significance. This Tomb is number 39 among Visakhapatnam’s 46 tourist attractions. It’s a 100-year-old tomb built in Queen of Kurupam’s honour. In the beautiful surroundings of Visakhapatnam, it is known for its architectural style.

The tomb features a lovely shikara and dome, both of which are adorned with stone carvings of various deities and floral motifs. Kurupam raja built it as a memorial to his beloved wife.

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Best Time to Visit Kurupam Tomb

Kurupam Tomb is best to visit at the time of November to February.

Kurupam Tomb Entry Fee and Timings

Kurupam Tomb is open for visitors from 07:00 AM to 07:00 PM all through the week and is free to visit the tomb. One can spare a time of one to two hours to visit and enjoy the architectural beauty of Kurupam Tomb.

How to reach Kurupam Tomb, Visakhapatnam

As Kurupam Tomb is located at the VUDA park on the Bheemili road near Waltair Beach is very accessible to the visitors by road, rail and air.

Location Map For Kurupam Tomb

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