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Konam Reservoir – Another popular tourist destination in Vizag

Visakhapatnam offers a variety of lovely beaches. That is why, every year, millions of tourists go to the Visakhapatnam coast. There are numerous excellent tourist attractions within the agency as well as along the coast. Visakhapatnam is the Carafe address agency tourism spot in particular. In the Visakhapatnam Agency, there are a number of tribal tourist villages. Visitors come to these communities on a regular basis to take in the natural beauty. In recent years, new tourism sites have emerged. One of these natural resources is the Konam Reservoir. The Konam Reservoir picnic area flourishes as a wonderland amidst beautiful green hills. A big number of visitors come here during Kartik month.

The reservoir is surrounded by cashew orchards and celery fields. Chodavaram is 16 kilometres away from the Konam Reservoir.

There are bus services from Chodavaram to Konam in the morning, afternoon, and evening. The autos, on the other hand, rotate every day. However, do not travel along the recently completed asphalt road from the Causeway to the 12th Milestone above Edulapalem, facing the Araku Route, from the bottom of the reservoir.

The road for jeeps, automobiles, and two-wheelers has now been restored. This path leads to the tribal communities beyond the reservoir, which are located in the hills. The place’s natural beauty is fascinating. From the edge of the reservoir, a road leads to Cheruku Palli, passing via the tribal ashram school in Konam village. This is the path taken by the watering border as it enters the reservoir.

Water and cashew mango orchards are nearby, where visitors can sit and cook. Walking through the little red sand dunes and hills on route to Gudivada provides the feeling of being lost in another world.

Reservoirs Gedda of the Ganda Crows, Large Gedda As you approach the fleeing stonework, the sailors who run through it, as well as the facilities, leave an unforgettable mark. Road and boat travel are both options. Tourists can rent local fishing cars in the reservoir. Morning and evening boating is a relaxing activity. One such tourism destination is the Visakhapatnam district. However, in order to get here, lodging arrangements must be established. The residents here believe that if some facilities were supplied adjacent to the village, it would be the ideal tourist destination.

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