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In Visakhapatnam, More than 150 police officers Tested Covid Positive

In the last few days, around 150 police officers in Visakhapatnam and rural areas have tested positive for Covid 19.

The cops have indeed been keeping on their toes by the rising number of cases. In both the city and the rural areas, 99 percent of cops had received two doses of vaccine. The booster dose was taken by almost 70% of city cops out of 2,700 who were eligible, and all 750 officers who were eligible had received it.

Despite this, the department’s caseload continues to grow. No one was taken to the hospital, which is a good thing.. “The third wave is quite contagious. Police officers who have been exposed to Covid have been placed in home isolation and are experiencing moderate symptoms. Nobody is in the hospital. We’ve taken preparations and directed our officers to perform contactless policing tasks “Manish Kumar Sinha, the city’s police chief

Many officials from various departments have been tested positive, including district collector A Mallikharjuna, GVMC Commissioner Lakshmisha, GVMC chief medical officer Sastry, and DMHO Tirupati Rao. M Srinivasa Rao, the deputy chief minister, and Dharmana Krishna Das, the revenue minister, both tested positive.

In the initial wave, more than 1,300 police officers were tested positive, including 800 above city cops out of 4,000 cops and house guards and more than 500 rural cops out of 3000 existent employees in the rural area.

More than 750 cops were tested positive in the second wave, including 340 city cops and more than 300 rural cops. Over 100 city cops and nearly 50 rural cops have now tested positive in the third wave.

B Krishna Rao, the Visakha Rural Superintendent of Police, said that contactless policing is a priority for his department, even during counselling. “The staff will be required to wear double masks or face shields. He also requested that the police stations be sanitised and that table shields be placed.

Manish Kumar Sinha, the city police chief, claimed that teleconferences have been held and that the health of Covid-positive officers in the department has been monitored.

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