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In Visakhapatnam, 53,000 services take underground cable routes

According to official figures, 53,003 services have been converted to an underground electrical wiring network in Visakhapatnam. Andhra Pradesh Eastern Power Distribution Company Limited (APEPDCL) took on the project as part of the Andhra Pradesh Disaster Recovery Project a few years ago, with a budget of Rs 755 crore.

According to officials, the project has made 60 percent financial progress ( Rs 457 crore has so far been spent against the total estimated project cost of Rs 755 crore).

Following the devastation caused by Cyclone Hudhud in Vizag, the APDRP proposed an underground electrical cabling project in areas along Visakhapatnam’s coastline. The World Bank is funding this project. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, the initiative aims to reduce the distribution network’s vulnerability to natural calamities.

On the occasion of the Andhra Pradesh Central Power Distribution Company Limited’s second anniversary, Minister for Energy, Environment, and Forests Balineni Srinivasa Reddy interacted with energy department personnel on Tuesday (APCPDCL).

Electricity employees’ new pay scales will be decided by the pay revision commission. Employees should not be concerned about the government’s decision in this matter. Existing employees are exempt from the new requirements. It will apply to future employees. Appointments will be made in the future with compassion in mind. Regulations shall be followed when making compassionate appointments. Employees’ dearness allowance will be decided by the government in the near future. “The government would look into outsourced employees’ complaints and take appropriate action,” the minister told the workers.

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