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Handloom Handicraft Fun-Fair Exhibition started with more Animals familiar with the film Madagascar

Are you familiar with the film Madagascar: Animal Rush, which was released in the United States? The film’s animals have made their way to the metropolis. The animals sing and play as they welcome visitors. Animal acts have a way of capturing children’s minds. The exhibition takes place at the Andhra University Engineering College in Vizag. The exhibition’s animal display exhibits are drawing the attraction of the visitors.

The show pieces are done by movie director Lakshmipathi Varma from Karnataka state and many artists for 2 months. The moulds were first carved out of a synthetic material that resembled special thermocol. After that, the moulds are waxed and impregnated with a thin cloth.The next stage is to add colours that fit the appearance of the animal. Finally, the maze-like trees and plants are artistically organised.

The exhibition with colourful electric lamp lights makes you feel like you are in a natural forest. In the Madagascar film, Alex, Marley, Julian, Morse, Gloria, and Skipper amaze the kids. Their designs are as amusing here. Special attractions include lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, and penguins. In addition to these two huge Mickey Mouse figures can be seen here.

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