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GVMC plans to develop Mudasarlova Park With a budget of Rs 199.26 crores

With a budget of Rs 199.26 crores, GVMC plans to develop Mudasarlova Park in the city’s heart. Vijay Sai Reddy, a Rajya Sabha member, and Ministers Kurasala Kannababu and Muttahmsetty Srinivas Rao, among others, have previously discussed the park’s development. Following the meeting, Vijaya Sai Reddy went to the park and directed the relevant officials to develop a park development plan. Officials were looking to develop the park entirely with government funds, according to VijayaSai Reddy in the past. Officials conducted a survey of Mudasarlova’s entire region in this context.

Officials recently concluded the survey, which revealed a total of 836.38 acres of property under GVMC. In the 836.38 acres, 100 acres belong to the Golf Club, 97 acres to BRTS road, and 107 acres to SC Corporation, Visakhapatnam Trust, APEDCL, SC Colony, and ST Colony, all of which are under the Forest Department. The Mudasarlova Reservoir has been enlarged to a total of 100 acres. Mudasarlova’s remaining 432.38 acres are empty.

With a budget of Rs 199.26 crores, officials want to rehabilitate the remaining 432.38 acres. The plan has been submitted by the Green Corporation of Andhra Pradesh. Bio-diversity park, Miyawaki Forest, Herbal park, Botanical park, Butterfly park, and Bird park are among the theme parks planned by officials. They intend to collect funds from the CMD Fund. The development works are going to start soon.

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