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GVMC allocates Rs 4065 Cr Greater Budget for Visakhapatnam

The Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation has allotted Rs 4,065 crores for the fiscal year 2022-23. The entire budget for this fiscal year is Rs 22 crores higher than the previous fiscal year’s. The GVMC Commissioner, Mayor, and standing committee have all accepted the new budget. On the 11th of this month, officials are scheduled to have a budget meeting.

In new budget,officials are expecting income under revenue income from Rs 475 crores as Property tax,Rs 50 crores as empty land property tax,Rs 15.15 crores as rents,Rs 227 crores as online revenue,Rs 28.75 crores from advertising tax,Rs 250 crores from constructing building permissions,Rs 15.23 crores from town planning section,Rs 20 crores from trade licence,Rs 43.52 crores from people’s health,Rs 280 crores from charges of bulk and semi bulk connections,Rs 60 crores from top rate charges,Rs 15 crores from pipeline connections.Officials are expecting Rs 1,749.43 crores as income like this and Rs 2,135.62 crores from other grants and capital income and a total of Rs 3,885.18 crores as income in this financial year.

Rs 1,358.78 crores as normal expenditure, Rs 2,704.32 as capital expenditure and total of Rs 4,065 crores is shown as total expenditure in the budget of financial year 2022-23.In the new budget, Rs 877.21 crores for engineering department, Rs 532.81 crores for UCD department,Rs 400.96 crores for people’s health,Rs 388.4 crores for projects, Rs 309 crores for water supply department,Rs 197.65 crores for electric lights,Rs 183.03 crores fro general administration, Rs 42.14 crores for town planning,Rs 25.6 crores for educational department,Rs 138.38 crores for parks,leisures and tombs,Rs 61.6 crores for JNNURM, Rs 5 crores for Rajiv Awasa Yojana, Rs 30 crores for Amruth scheme, Rs 219 crores for development of foreign institutions and banks,Rs 321 crores for works related to 14,15 financial society funds has been divided for each in this perspective.Rs 154.75 crores are shown as the remaining balance in the budget.

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