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Good News to Vizag – Urban Snow Park is Getting Ready to Visakhapatnam Smart City

Great news for Visakhapatnam residents… for the very first time in the state! Snow Park is getting ready in vizag.

For the residents of Visakhapatnam, there is good news… The arrival of the Urban Snow Park is approaching. The park would be built at a cost of Rs 20 crore under the administration of the Greater Visakhapatnam Smart City Corporation. Officials from the SmartCity Corporation are seeking to find a suitable location for the park. It was decided to get a hotel in the snow park and play basketball there. Tourists intend to take use of mountaineering to the best extent possible.

Work is planned to commence as soon as the best location for the snow park has been determined. Smart City Corporation officials are now working on a comprehensive DPR for the park’s construction. It is intended that not only the snow in the snow park will be nice to look at, but it will also be laid out in a visually appealing manner. Small snow-capped mountains will form in the park, as well as light snowfall from above. Snow Mountain intends to engage in some rock climbing.

The government intends to make the snow park suitable for filming and television production. Beach Road will likely be the site of the park. There has yet to be a place chosen. There’s also talk about setting up shop at the VMRDA site near to the Park Hotel. The park intends to use technologies from South Korea.

In Visakhapatnam, the government is attempting to build the country’s first giant wheel. It is currently constructing a snow park. Some businesses have expressed interest in investing in Visakhapatnam’s tourism industry. To construct hotels and resorts, Star Hotels has entered into agreements with the government. With megawheels and snow parks, Visakhapatnam tourism is growing.

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