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Generating Electricity from Kapuluppada dumping yard waste of Visakhapatnam

The waste that is produced in the areas of Greater Visakhapatnam has been dumped at Kapuluppada dumping yard from 2001. As per Solid waste management rules, local organisations has to follow the process of bio mining, bio remediation if their dumping yards are filled with waste instead of shifting the waste to other locations. In regards to this, the waste collected at the yard has be to be separated and decided to convert the waste into organic manure. Along with this,a electricity plant in which the waste is converted into electric power is to be constructed with the help of Jindal company.The agreement regarding this has been made between GVMC and Jindal Infrastructure Transport Fabrication.

According to the agreement, the company is in a deal to construct an electricity station with a capacity of 15 megawatts and produce the electric power in the coming 25 years. To supply the power that produced in the electric station will be transferred to grid by electrical lines which are four kilometres away from the station that are installed by APEPDCL.At present,the power that is produced in the plant is supplying to the grid.

2.34 lakh units of power is being produced in the electric plant now. To produce this power, 807.18 tonnes of waste is being burned in the plant. As a result of it,236.78 tonnes of bottom ash and 19.93 tonnes of fly ash is being produced. On the other side, 31,300 units from the total produced power is consumed for the electric needs of the capitative use in the same plant. APEPDCL is paying a dedicated charge per unit to the electric plant. GVMC will gain more profits in related to this. The officials are hoping that GVMC will get a good rank in the coming Swach Sarvekshan program.

As per the agreement between Jindal company and GVMC, 17.08 acres of land in Kapuluppada has been allotted by the government for the project. Along with this, 40 acres of land is allotted to transfer the bottom ash and fly ash produced by the plant. This land has been given a lease of 25 years.The plant is producing 128 tonnes of bottom ash and 33 tonnes of fly ash daily.The water needed to the plant is supplied from Marikavalasa.The plant is able to handle 1,620 tonnes of waste with a capacity of 15 megawatts.At present, only 1042 tonnes of waste is coming from GVMC.3.2 lakh units are being produced with the waste from GVMC.The produced power is supplied to APEPDCL with a charge of Rs 6.2 per unit.

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