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Gangavaram beach in Vizag is one of the city’s lesser-known beaches, offering an isolated atmosphere in which one can relax and rejuvenate their mind in picture-perfect surroundings.

One can rediscover themselves at Gangavaram Beach,Visakhapatnam.It is well known for its scenic beauty and village-like lively culture.

Gangavaram Beach, surrounded by huge and shady palm trees, is a perfect weekend getaway for half-day outings.It invites people to take part in a pleasant experience away from the busy life in the city. This beach, which is located near to the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, provides an exceptionally refreshing atmosphere for anyone looking for a relaxing time.

At the time of February and March,Maghapournami festival is celebrated at the Gangavaram beach and also in the month of June,nearby villages celebrate Ammavari Panduga every year.

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Things to do in Visakhapatnam’s Gangavaram Beach:

Gangavaram beach in Vizag is a great place to plan a picnic with friends and family and to have a relaxed day.
When you are at Gangavaram beach, one should visit Lord Krishna’s Temple which is located at the opposite of the hill.

To engage in outdoor sports activities, try your hand at beach volleyball. It’s an excellent way to meet people at your age.

You can also go for a hike to a nearby hillock for some adventurous fun.

One can enjoy the beauty of Gangavaram beach without any fee all throughout the week and it will be good if one can spare a time of 2-3 hours to enjoy the scenic beauty at Ganagavaram Beach.

Visakhapatnam’s Gangavaram Beach Travel Tips

Swimming is not recommended during the winter months. It is not permitted on the beach.
Bring plenty of food and water bottles with you. It’s difficult to find restaurants in the area.
Before going to this beach, make sure you have transportation in place. It only has limited transportation for visitors.

When is the Best Time to Visit Visakhapatnam’s Gangavaram Beach?

You don’t have to wait for a specific time to visit Visakhapatnam’s Gangavaram Beach because the city enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year. People, particularly tourists, prefer to spend their daily time at the beach.

How to Get to Visakhapatnam’s Gangavaram Beach?

Gangavaram Beach is about 26 kilometres from the city centre and can be reached by road by visitors of all ages, whether they are arriving directly from the airport, railway station, or bus station.

Location Map of Gangavaram Beach Vizag

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