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Gangavaram beach development activities | Vizag Latest News

The Gangavaram seashore was once the first filming location in Visakhapatnam. Everyone is captivated by the natural beauty of the area. Punyamani port opens its doors. Nature lovers will like the historic Gangavaram beach, which is now only busy on special occasions.

On the elevated hillocks of the Gangavaram fishing hamlet, the Madhavaswamy, Mahalakshmi, and Satyabhama temples may be found.The Satyabhama stone, which fulfils the desires of the devotees, is worshipped with utmost devotion.

The stone next to the peak will not move even if pushed by a large group of people, which is a unique feature of this location.On the full moon days of Kanuma, Mukkanuma, and Maghamasam, the annual Sankranthi festival is held.

The sea waves on one side, the Gangavaram port on the other, and the steel plant parts are all beautiful when seen from the top of the hill.From the side of the steel plant pond gate, there is a way to go to the old Gangavaram beach, which has several attractions.

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