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Gambheeram Reservoir is with full of water in this Summer

The majestic reservoir in the zone is expected to fill up in the summer as well. Once upon a time This water bed, which dries up before summer approaches, is now inundated with water. Authorities say the water supply will not be disrupted for another three months.The reservoir was built here in 1954 between two hills. It was decided to provide drinking water to the people of Visakhapatnam city for six months.

To this extent most of the cultivable lands are converted into lay outs and not much irrigation is required. The city’s water supply, on the other hand, is never interrupted. One lakh cusecs of water is supplied daily to the Yendada Balancing Reservoir everyday from here. If the reservoir had dried up by February each year, the situation would have been far worse. Even in the summer, the reservoir is full of water due to the increased rainfall this year.

The reservoir’s full water level was 126 feet, and it is now at 120 feet. The authorities hope that, depending on the water level, the supply of drinking water will be uninterrupted for another three months. If the water level falls below 114 feet, the pumping will be turned off. The last three years have been marked by water pumping challenges. The issue appears to have been resolved this year. The reservoir is a great spot to visit because of its beautiful climate, which is surrounded by hills and forests.

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