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DPR Completed For Mega Hydel Power Plant (1350 MW) At Sileru, Visakhapatnam District

By the new addition, the Upper Sileru project will be India’s most important project. If Sileru’s dream project, which runs through the water from the East Kannuma woods, succeeds, it will be India’s first low-cost project that generates more income. Srisailam’s underground project was transferred to Telangana after the separation of the Telugu states.

Officials have concluded that Sileru will be the best location for such a project. Water used at the Sileru Hydroelectric Station is redirected to the Sileru River via an underground pipe so that it does not go to waste. According to APGENCo Director B.Sridhar, 9 units with a capacity of 150 megawatts would be developed at Sileru for Rs 10 crores and will generate 1350 megawatts under the project. This project’s DPR has progressed as well. He showed the location of the project for water conversation during a visit to Sileru Electricity Station on Sunday.

The government is taking the necessary steps to increase power output in the state. According to the APGENCO Director, AP Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has directed that the Ethupothala Pathakam be completed as soon as possible and that the project be started. If the Sileru project is completed, power can be produced in the coming days to meet grid demand.

“After independence, the Sileru project was the first hydro project that was in operation and running properly even after 50 years,” Sridhar added. The fact that half of the electricity supplied to the system comes from the Sileru project, which is one of the best hydroelectric plants, is remarkable.With the efforts of engineers and workers in the Sileru project and with the supervision from Machkand,Sileru,Donkarai and Mothugundem Electric Centres,the project is able to supply the power to the grid.The project is able to supply more electricity than the estimated aim every year. The project’s engineers and workers have honoured the Director for his first visit to the site.

The staff has filed their objections to the director. He has promised to resolve their issues and has inspected the Sileru Hydroelectric project’s rehabilitation work.

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