Devarapalli Waterfalls (Sariya Waterfalls, Bahubali Waterfalls)

Devarapalli Waterfalls Images

Devarapalli Waterfalls mostly known as Sariya waterfalls or Bahubali waterfalls are marked as one of the very danger waterfalls near Visakhapatnam is about 70 KM and the time to travel is around 3 hours. The Devarapalli Waterfalls is one of the most beautiful waterfall and is very Risky too…

The Tourist can love this place even can’t leave this place because of awesome and mind-blowing place and most important is, there is trekking which is about to walk 1 km. The people who are most favourite in trekking they can enjoy a lot. But it is not easy, it is almost of 1 KM and is very difficult, Avoid children’s or aged persons or the people who are not in fit (Fitness levels). The Devarapalli Waterfalls is in remote place, so, the visitors can leave before sunset (4.30 PM). Day time is preferable to visit the Devarapalli Waterfalls.

The Visitors get bit disappointed that they won’t have more food point options. so, they have to carry food, snacks, water bottles e.t.c., before to star the journey to this Bahubali waterfalls.

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Best Time to Travel For Sariya Waterfalls

During winters and rainy season.I recommend not to go after heavy rains.

What You Should Carry To Bahubali Waterfalls?

  • Food (Because you cant find shops over there)
  • water

How to Reach Devarapalli Waterfalls

  1. Book a car, it will cost you around 4000.
  2. 12d bus which starts from RTC Complex takes you to Devarapalli. From devarapalli, autos are available to your destination.

Devarapalli Waterfalls Address –

Address: 2VJQ+4R2, Devarapalli, Andhra Pradesh 531030

Location Map For Devarapalli Waterfalls

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