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Center Releases 22.93 CR for 150 CR Harbor modernization project

The fishing port of Visakhapatnam has finally seen better days. The improvement project, which has been ongoing for five years, has undergone a change. Under the Pradhan Mantri Matsya Samridhi Yojana, the Union Ministry of Fisheries would provide Rs 150 crore to the project. To this point, the DPR (Detailed Project Report) is complete. The first amount will be Rs. 22 from the Center. The amount released is 93 crores.

The Visakhapatnam Port Trust will complete the initial construction with these money. Tenders will be issued in the near future. It’s expected that the update will take at least two years to complete.

The upgrade project is shifting from a 2: 1 ratio to a 1: 1 ratio. Initially, a Rs. 40 crore DPR was prepared, however it was never implemented. The next project’s budget has been raised to Rs 150 crore. Visakhapatnam Fisheries exports fish stocks as well. The Center prepared the DPR to ensure that the port’s facilities meet world-class standards and to totally transform the current situation.

The sewage system will be replaced entirely. To this purpose, sewage treatment plants will be built. Fishermen who go boat hunting will be provided with amenities to help them relax. There will be toilets and bathrooms available. The fish items in the boats will be brought down and moved to the outlets using scientific ways.

Facilities at 11 gels at the fish harbour will be upgraded as part of the renovation. Work that involves changing the flooring, such as raising the height of flat forms and clearing rubbish from jetties. Fish, prawns, and other marine goods will be auctioned and sold at centres.

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