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Bojjana Konda (History, Timings, Entry Fee, Location & Images)

Bojjana Konda Images

Visakhapatnam, or Vizag as it is more commonly known, never fails to surprise you with its seemingly endless list of things to see, do, and enjoy. Vizag has something for everyone, from swimming in the clear waters of the Bay of Bengal to trekking up hills, getting lost in dense forests, and strolling through India’s rich history. Among the numerous places to visit, Bojjana Konda, a Buddhist heritage site, is one of the most notable.

Bojjana Konda, located in the village of Sankaram, represents a significant aspect of Indian history that will undoubtedly leave you speechless. It is a popular tourist destination, and this Buddhist heritage site exemplifies how culturally rich and lavish our forefathers instilled in us. These artefacts have remained prominent to this day, displaying a forgotten period of our history.

Bojjana Konda’s architecture

In Sankaram, Bojjana Konda is located on top of an eastern hill. Surrounded by monolithic stupas, rock-cut platforms house the maha stupa, whose dome is entirely made of bricks. Archaeological excavations have unearthed intriguing features such as ancient Buddhist coins.

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Miniature stupas or stone relic caskets adorned two of the brick stupas surrounding the maha stupa. At the foot of the hill where Bojjana Konda stands, a Buddhist goddess Hariti’s image has also been discovered.

There are about six rock-cut caves on this hill, each intricately sculpted and designed in its own way. The main cave is surrounded by a pradakshina-patha, which is a circumambulation of stone holy temples, and has sixteen pillars and a monolithic stupa.

The stupa’s ceiling was said to have umbrella carvings, and an entire floor above the cave was said to be filled with Buddha idols.

Bojjana Konda offers a wide range of activities

Bojjana Konda is a place where you must take a leisurely stroll around its grounds in order to get a glimpse into a bygone era that is almost unheard of today.

You’ll be amazed at how magnificent history can appear two thousand years ago. The following are must-see attractions in Bojjana Konda

  • A panoramic view of Sankaram’s entire village
  • Rock-cut Caves
  • Prayer Halls
  • Vihara
  • Life-size statue and Transition of history

Bojjana Konda Entrance Fees and Timings

Bojjana Konda does not charge an entrance fee. It is open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Nearby attractions to Bojjana Konda

There are many places to visit in Bojjana Konda that will make your trip more exciting. These are some of the locations:

Bojjana Konda’s location and how to get there

Sankaram is a small village located 45 kilometres south of Vizag. With a variety of comfortable modes of transportation, getting to Bojjana Konda is simple.

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  1. From Vizag to Anakapalli, you can take a local train. Anakapalli is the nearest railway station. Take a taxi to Bojjana Konda, which is a fifteen-minute drive away.
  2. From the APSRTC complex to Anakapalli, there are several local and intercity buses. You can take a cab or share an auto to Bojjana Konda from here.
  3. When travelling to Bojjana Konda, a cab or taxi is the most comfortable and convenient mode of transportation.

Location Map for Bojjana Konda

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