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Bird’s Park in Bheemili Beach | Vizag Latest News

The children that visit Bheemili Beach are attracted to the Bird’s Park. Bheemili, which has become a popular tourist destination, attracts a large number of visitors. Tourists are fascinated by the beauty of the beach, as well as the many different birds and animals that can be found in Bheemili’s bird park.This bird’s park is located opposite to the historical lighthouse.

Nature lovers who adore animals and birds frequent this park to interact with them. Tortoises, ducks, pigeons, and rabbits are fed by tourists. Visitors who are religious pray to the idols of Vinayaka and Shiva that are put in the park under the pipal tree. In the park, there are sitting benches. Officials have arranged for special staff to provide food for the park’s birds and animals.

It would be preferable if more amenities were provided in the park, as well as input from park users. The enclosures that keep the animals and birds safe have been damaged. As a result, they must be fixed. Other bird species must be brought to the park in order to attract more tourists. ZC S.Venkataramana stated that required actions must be done to attract more tourists to the park.

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