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Bhogapuram International Airport project cost estimated at 2500 Cr

The cost of the Bhogapuram Greenfield Airport is expected to be Rs 2,500 crore. K. Singh expressed his thoughts. A question from Rajya Sabha member Alla Ayodhya Ramireddy was answered in writing by the Union Minister. Airlines would be paid Rs 19,564 crore, with a loss of Rs 5,116 crore due to Covid-19. K. Singh has been notified. YS Chaudhary, a Rajya Sabha member, asked the Union Minister a question, which he answered in writing.

Under the Prime Minister’s Employment Guarantee Scheme (PMEGP), Rs.89.24 crore has been released under subsidy for setting up of 2161 food processing industries in Andhra Pradesh by 2021-22. Assistant Minister Bhanupratap Singh Verma said.Rajya Sabha member Vemireddy Prabhakar Reddy asked the Union Minister to give a written reply to the question. The minister said the target was to subsidise Rs 2,550 crore for setting up 78,770 units in the state by 2023.

Under the Prime Minister’s Jana Vikas Program (PMJ VK), Rs. 364.4 million was spent on 75 projects, according to Minority Affairs Minister Muktar Abbas Naqvi. Pilli Subhash Chandra Bose, a Rajya Sabha member, addressed a question to Union Minister Likhi Tapurwa. In locations where minorities predominate, these funds have been used to develop Guru caste schools, polytechnics, degree college facilities, and other infrastructure.

Oil, ONGC, Reliance India Ltd and Vedanta Ltd have identified 198 oil / gas reserves in the Krishna-Godavari (KG) basin, said Rameshwar Teli, Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas. The Union Minister gave a written reply to a question posed by Rajya Sabha member GVL Narasimha Rao.Various companies have so far spent Rs. 11,643.08 million dollars.Minister stated that ONGC is aiming to increase their production to 15 million metric standard cubic metres by 2024-25.

Union Minister Rameshwar Teli in a written reply to a question by Rajya Sabha member Vijay Yasaireddy said that natural gas production in AP has increased from 867.7 million metric cubic meters (MMS CM) in 2016-17 to 827.4 MMS CM by 2020-21.

The cost of the Visakhapatnam Refinery Modernization Project has been increased by HPCL from Rs 20,928 crore to Rs. Rameshwar Teli, Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas, said the increase brought the total to Rs 26,264 crore. A query from Rajya Sabha member Vijayasai Reddy was answered in writing by the Union Minister.

The 11 current Rajya Sabha members in AP have got a total of Rs. 242 crore, with Rs. 88 crore going to six Telangana Rajya Sabha members and Rs. Rao Inderjit Singh, Union Minister for Planning and Statistics, said Rs 42 crore had been released and Rs 132 crore had been allotted. In response to a question in the Rajya Sabha, the Union Minister issued a written response.

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