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Bheemili Jammi Cheruvu Park to be renovated with Rs 30 lakhs by GVMC

The Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation wants to turn Jammi Cheruvu in Bheemili into a visitor-friendly garden. A pond was dug in an acre of land at Chinna Bazar during the British era to collect rainfall from Krishna Colony in Upputeru. Because of the presence of Jammi grass in the pond, it is known as Jammi Cheruvu. In 2001, VUDA spent Rs 20 lakhs to develop Jammi Cheruvu as a park. The park was destroyed due to a lack of maintenance, and now GVMC plans to rebuild it with several amenities.

“We are going to improve the park to attract people,” S.Venkata Ramana, Bheemunipatnam’s Zonal Commissioner, stated.

We recommended a budget of Rs 30 lakhs to the higher authorities for this.

The development work will begin as soon as the funds are released by the GVMC, and the park will become an attraction in Bheemili.”

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