Balighattam Brahmalingeswara Temple Near Visakhapatnam

Balighattam is located about 3 kilometres south of Narsipatnam, Visakhapatnam District on the banks of the Varaha River. The Brahma Lingeshwara Temple, located at the foot of a small hill on the river’s western bank, is significant. The shrine, like the one at Bananas, is facing west.

It’s worth noting that Brahma is said to have built this temple, while Vishnu’s incarnation as a boar(Varaha) is said to have created the river (Varaha). Varahanadi is the name given to the river. The ashes of a sacrifice performed by Bali, the demon king from whom the village gets its name of Baligattam, are said to be the deposits of white clay on the river bank.

The river here flows for a short distance from north to south. Because of these peculiarities, the location is highly regarded as sacred. Every year, a large number of devotees flock to this city for the Sivaratri festival. Brahma Lingeshwara Temple is close to Lakshmi Devi Temple.

The Sri Sri Sri Chidgagananandha Swamy Ashramam is located near Balighattam on the Nayanagari Hill. It was built many years ago. This is a historical religious place worth visiting.

Balighattam is a village in the Narsipatnam Mandal of Andhra Pradesh’s Visakhapatnam (Vizag) district.It’s in the Andhra Pradesh state. It is 78 kilometres west of the district headquarters in Visakhapatnam (Vizag). Narsipatnam is 0 kilometres away.

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Brahma Lingeshwara Temple Vizag Entry Fees and Timings:

  • The temple is open to the public from 07:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 4:30 PM to 07:30 PM all the week.
  • The temple is free of cost to enter.

When is the best time to visit Brahma Lingeshwara temple?

The best time to visit Brahma Lingeshwara temple is in between September to February,when the weather is cool and the scenery around the temple is so scenic at that time of the year.

Where is Brahma Lingeshwara temple in Vizag, and how to get there?

Rolugunta Mandal to the north, Kotauratla Mandal to the south, Makavarapalem Mandal to the east, and Golugonda Mandal to the west neighbouring Balighattam. Balighattam is near Narsipatnam, Tuni, Anakapalle, and Visakhapatnam.Balighattam, in the Visakhapatnam District, is a lovely spot for those seeking spiritual experiences.

By Road

The closest city to Balighattam is Visakhapatnam. Balighattam is 75 kilometres from Visakhapatnam. From Visakhapatnam to Balighattam, there is public access.

By Railways

There are no railway stations within 10 kilometres of Balighattam. However, there are railway stations in the nearby town of Visakhapatnam. These are the railway stations in the nearby area of Visakhapatnam. By road, you can travel from Visakhapatnam to Balighattam.

By Bus

The bus stations for Balighattam are Narsipatnam APSRTC Bus Station, Kotananduru APSRTC Bus Station, and Yelamanchili APSRTC Bus Station.

Location Map For Balighattam Brahmalingeswara Temple

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