Araku Valley (Resorts, Waterfalls, Photo Gallery & Location)

Araku Valley Photos

Araku Valley is a well-known tourist destination that draws visitors from all over the country, including nature lovers, honeymoon couples, and adventure seekers.

The train journey to Araku Valley is something that everyone should do, with tunnels, hill sides, streams, and waterfalls providing a truly captivating journey.

The Tribal Museum is one of the main attractions in Araku Valley, which is primarily inhabited by tribals. It houses tribal handicrafts as well as several cultural relics depicting tribal life.

Dhimsa dance, a tribal dance performed by tribals dressed in colourful attire, is a must-see for visitors to Araku.

Araku is also home to stunning waterfalls such as Sangda and Dumbriguda. Araku does not disappoint adventurers either, as it is a well-known trekking destination that draws visitors from all over the country.

The best time to go to Araku Valley and enjoy its nature is during Winters, that is from December to February. However, the best time to trek Araku valley is during September to May.

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Coffee Plantation In Araku Valley:

Araku is also known for its coffee plantations, and it is the first tribal growers’ organic coffee brand in India.Araku was the first organic coffee brand in India, produced by Adivasi farmers, in 2007. Some of the best coffee plantations in the county, if not the world, are found in Araku Valley. For those who will go to any length for a delicious cup of coffee, this is the place to be.

List of Waterfalls in and around Araku Valley:

  • Chaparai Waterfalls
  • Katiki Waterfalls
  • Ananthagiri Waterfalls
  • Sangda Waterfalls
  • Rana Jilleda Waterfalls

Tourist Places in and around Araku Valley:

  • Tribal Museum
  • Padmapuram Gardens
  • Coffee Museum
  • Borra Caves
  • Galikonda View Point
  • Chaparai Water Cascade
  • Ananthagiri Hills

Araku is also well known for its local food.Mostly, the Bongulo Chicken also known as Bamboo chicken is the famous dish in Araku Valley.It is prepared with a unique cooking method.

Best Stay in Araku Valley:

  • Balaji Hotel
  • Haritha Valley Resort
  • Ananthagiri Haritha Hill Resort
  • Punnami Yatri Niwas

Ideal duration to stay in Araku valley is 1 to 2 days.

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Vizag to Araku Valley Route Map:

Continue 2.8 kilometres from Vizag towards Mindi, then take the Araku-Visakhapatnam Toad to Araku Valley. To get to your destination, you’ll travel nearly 111 kilometres on this road. Araku Valley can be reached by taxi or bus.

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