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Ap’s 1st anti-narcotic cell to be setup in vizag city | Vizag Latest News

Vizag to host AP’s first anti-narcotic cell. A Specialised Anti-Narcotics Cell (ANC), a first of its kind in Andhra Pradesh, will be opened in Vizag to tackle drug peddling.

To tackle drug trafficking, Vizag will open a specialised Anti-Narcotics Cell (ANC), which will be the first of its type in Andhra Pradesh. Surveillance, technical, and investigation wings are expected to be part of the ANC’s structure. All conditions are being considered by the city police department in order to launch the unit.

Ch. Srikanth, the new police commissioner in Vizag, informed that a team is being dispatched to Mumbai and Bengaluru, where ANCs are effective and have extensive expertise dealing with a wide range of situations.

“In Mumbai and Bengaluru, I have classmates.” I am confident in sending my team there to learn more about how ANCs operate and how we can use their talents to improve services in Vizag. The initiative, however, is still in its early stages and will be operational in full speed soon,” Srikanth said.

A team of one circle inspector and ten constables will be assigned to the ANC at first.

There will be support employees, such as cyber technology experts.

“In ANCs, cyber technology professionals are critical since drug dealers rely on the digital realm for everything. The assistance of the cyber specialists will aid in the preparation of strong digital proof,” Srikanth remarked.

The ANC will gather information on Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS), act on tip-offs, keep a 24-hour watch on the drug mafia and communicate with all police stations, as well as monitor and supervise cases filed under the NDPS Act. The ANC conducts secret raids based on information from the investigated cases’ modus operandi.

An ANC is needed in cosmopolitan areas like Vizag, according to a senior police officer who analyses drug cases, where the youth, particularly students, software developers, and the children of some high-end families, are addicted to drugs.

Students from all across the city and state come to study, work, and take tours. Some people have been caught distributing drugs to local kids and the rich folk of society.

Three teenagers were recently arrested for smuggling drugs out of Bengaluru and selling them for Rs 4,500-Rs 5,000 per gramme. The case is still being investigated.

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